Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions apply to rooms and residences 2L

These general terms and conditions of sale are concluded between, on the one hand, the company Tweelwonen Utrecht V.O.F. established at Vleutensevaart 100, 3532AD in Utrecht, , hereinafter registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 66018218 erred to as “2L” and secondly the beneficiary of the service, hereinafter referred to as “the Guest”. 2L and the Guest are hereinafter referred to collectively as “the parties”. 


It is agreed that the terms in these terms and conditions will have the following meaning: 

Mobile app
All of the services and protocols that allow mobile terminals to connect to the Internet, and which, in particular, enable the consultation and reservation of hotel services provided by 2L and possibly provide access to the hotel, the Chamber or residences. 

Term that relates both to the room and to the apartment or studio. 

Reservation Confirmation
Page of the website or of the mobile app on which the stay reserved by the Guest is mentioned, with the duration, the services selected by him / her, the price including taxes, the conditions of sale with regard to the selected rate, and on which he / she enters the number of his / her bank card, in the context of a prepayment or a guarantee. The confirmation of the reservation by the Guest has as a consequence that he / she is contractually bound with respect to 2L. 

Any natural person acting for private or business purposes. 

Reservation Request
Request for a reservation of rooms carried out by the Guest via the website, mobile apps, by telephone or by e-mail. 

Personal data within the meaning of General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), in particular all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; shall be deemed to be an “identifiable natural person”, a natural person who can be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by means of an identifier, such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier, or one or more elements characterize the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity 

E-mail of the booking confirmation
Document giving an overview of the reservation made by the Guest, and sent by e-mail after confirmation of his / her reservation. 
Establishment: residences that 2L puts at the disposal of its Guests, in Europe, in the context of its hotel activities. 

Service provider
Any natural or legal person who cooperates with 2L in the context of the services provided to the Guest. 

Mechanism that verifies the validity of the credit card used by the Guest to reserve his / her stay, thus blocking a certain amount on the account. However, these conditions may differ depending on the type of bank card used and the type of bank. 

Payment of the stay made from the reservation made by the Guest in relation to the preferential rate linked to the stay. 

Privacy policy
Information concerning the processing of personal data, which explains how the personal data are processed by the company. 

Group reservation
The reservation is considered as a group reservation from the moment the guest reserves 3 rooms or more in the same reservation period. The group booking is subject to special conditions, so each request must be sent by e-mail to the address booking@2ldeblend.nl. 

Online reservation
Reservation of rooms by the Guest via the website or mobile apps of 2L. 

No show: reservation that was not canceled by Guest, either directly (via the website) or indirectly (through the partners, while the Guest did not show up at the location for which he made a reservation. 
Services: all services offered to the Guest, in the context of the reservation of his / her stay via the website or the mobile apps of 2L. 

Website: a collection of web pages that are accessible via the Internet, on which the information is stated with regard to 2L, as well as the services offered and the way in which it can be used. 
Tourist tax: regional tax on the (tourist) stay that the Guest has to pay and that is due to the government. 

Every operation that consists in particular of, without this enumeration being complete, the collection, registration, organization, modification, use, deletion of the personal data. 

Terms & Conditions

Article 1. Application of the general conditions 

Any reservation in one of the 2L locations implies the knowledge and unconditional acceptance of these general terms and conditions. These general terms and conditions will be notified to the Guest prior to the reservation and will also be provided with the e-mail confirming the reservation.
Except for special written conditions given by an authorized staff member of 2L, these general terms and conditions apply to all services provided by the latter. 
These general terms and conditions apply to all Guests, insofar as this is not deviated from by special conditions. 

Article 2. Reservation conditions 

The reservations of rooms in connection with this service are mainly online (either via the website of www.2ldeblend.nl or via Online Travel Agencies such as Booking.com, Expedia.com etc., or via its mobile app). Reservations by e-mail or by telephone will also be possible if the online reservation proves impossible. 

Reservations are only valid from the moment the Guest receives the booking confirmation by e-mail. The Guest must check the accuracy of the information contained in the confirmation e-mail and notify 2L within 24 hours in writing if this information is incorrect. 
If he fails to do so, any subsequent dispute will be considered late and void and the price of the reservation will be due. 

From the moment the Guest reserves 3 rooms or more in the same reservation period, his reservation is automatically considered as a group reservation. In that case, the reservation will be subject to a specific contract and will only be valid after payment of the total amount of the stay. The balance (which includes additional services such as – but not limited to – breakfast, parking, telephone and internet and cleaning as well as damage done) must be guaranteed, at the choice of 2L, by credit card or prepayment. The group reservation must be sent by e-mail to the address booking@2ldeblend.nl. 

Each reservation is nominative and may be subject to change without the prior written agreement of 2L. 

Article 3. Compliance with the rules of procedure 

The Guest undertakes to act as a good family man in the 2L branches and to respect the rules of the hotel. Any serious or repeated non-compliance with this provision will be considered a serious error by the Guest, and gives 2L the right to, without prior notice, put an end to the Guest’s stay and / or the persons under his responsibility. , without prejudice to the amounts due. 

Article 4. Price 
The price of the reservation is indicated both before and at the time of the reservation. The indicated prices are per room for the selected number of persons and the chosen date. These prices are confirmed to the Guest in an amount including VAT and excluding tourist tax and are only valid for the period stated on the booking page and confirmation of the reservation (in case of difference, the latter will prevail). 2L will always communicate the amount of his / her order to the Guest, at the time of confirmation of the reservation by the Guest. However, the prices will always be able to change, as long as no reservation confirmation has been registered. 

The price of the stay is always payable in EUR, unless otherwise stated in writing. 

Unless otherwise stated on the website or the mobile app of 2L, additional services (breakfast, parking etc) are not included in the price. 

The tourist tax mentioned on the page of the rates and the confirmation of the reservation must be paid directly on site at the hotel, except in the case of a prepayment, in which this amount may already be included. 
The prices take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order, and any change in the applicable VAT percentage will be automatically calculated on the price indicated, on the date of the invoicing. Moreover, any change or introduction of new taxes imposed by the government will automatically be charged to the price that the Guest owes. 
If after the reservation a significant price change would occur, or a significant change in the calculation method, 2L will inform the Guest, who will have the right to cancel his reservation. 

Article 5. Cancellation and no show 
The cancellation of the reservation can be made directly via the website www.2ldeblend.nl or the Online Travel Agencie such as Booking.com or Expedia.com etc, or via its mobile app. The cancellation requests can, however, always be made in writing at the address booking@2ldeblend.nl and are only valid when they have been confirmed by returning e-mail from 2L. 
In the event that the reservation of the Guest has been paid in advance and in that case made use of a prepaid reservation at a preferential rate, no cancellation or refund will be possible, 
Without prejudice to the previous paragraph of this provision, the Guest can cancel his reservation free of charge up to 24 hours on the anticipated day of arrival if a Fexible rate has been chosen. The price for the entire reservation will then be charged. The same applies to the Guest who would not have registered on the day of arrival, and whose reservation would not have been canceled, or was not canceled according to this provision (No Show). 
When the reservation is linked to a specific sale offer, a commercial package, or any other promotion with special conditions, the cancellation and no show conditions will be subject to these specific cancellation conditions, which may deviate from this provision. An example of this is a Non-refundable Rate and a Flexible Rate. 

Article 6. Reduction in the number of overnight stays 
Without prejudice to the reservations that are part of a prepayment, in the case of reduction of the number of nights prior to the arrival date of the Guest, and up to 24 hours on the day of arrival, no costs will be charged to the Guest if chosen for a Fexible rate. 
In the event of a reduction in the number of nights spent during the stay, the initially reserved stay will remain due. 
In the event that a reservation is linked to a specific sale offer, a commercial package, or any other promotion with special conditions, conditions for reducing the number of overnight stays will be subject to these special conditions, which may deviate from this provision. An example of this is a Non-refundable Rate and a Flexible Rate. 

Article 7. Expansion of the number of overnight stays 
Each extension of the number of nights is considered a new reservation and must be the subject of a written request via the e-mail address booking@2ldeblend.nl. A new price quotation, with the correct rate conditions, will be sent to the Guest, which must be confirmed by e-mail by 2L and by the Guest. 
2L can not guarantee availability in terms of the desired dates and / or rooms. 
In the event that a reservation is linked to a specific sale offer, a commercial package, or any other promotion with special conditions, conditions for extending the number of overnight stays will be subject to these special conditions, which may deviate from this provision. 

Article 8. Liability of the Guest 
The Guest is liable to 2L, both as regards the persons under his responsibility, and for the damage that he or these persons would cause to people, property, furnishings and other facilities of 2L as well as, generally, to places to which the public has access. 

Article 9. Safety and identification procedure 
2L reserves the right to verify the identification of the Guest at any time. The Guest must therefore have an identity card or passport. 

Article 10. Guarantee 
Each reservation must be guaranteed, depending on the choice of the 2L, by a credit card, advance payment or prepayment of the stay. 
2L reserves the right to verify the validity of the payment methods and guarantees and to refuse them. In the event that the reservation is guaranteed by credit card, 2L reserves the right to perform a pre-authorization for the guest’s credit card before arrival. The Guest must provide the exact details of the credit card and ensure that he has the card that he has used when making the reservation, with the proviso that the Guest must necessarily be the holder of the aforementioned card. 
In the event that the credit card can not be presented at the verification, an alternative payment method will be requested from the Guest (other credit card, in cash or bank transfer). If the details stated on the reservation document do not match those of the Guest staying in the room or apartment, the reservation will be adjusted with the new information provided. 
The guarantee relates to the price of the stay and any damage discovered afterwards caused by the Guest. The Guest agrees that damage, which has been demonstrably caused by the Guest, can be settled via the deposit. 

Article 11. Payment 
The final bill (possibly of the remaining balance due, taking into account the guarantee or the already made payment) by the Guest must be carried out at the latest at the check-out. 
At the time of booking, the Guest will be asked to provide details of the credit card, which will serve to guarantee the reservation or to make the prepayment. This information must in particular include the name of the holder of the card, the card number and the expiry date. 

The Guest must have the credit card with him with which he / she has guaranteed his / her reservation, or has made the prepayment. In addition, for security reasons, the Guest must be the holder of the above card. 
2L works with Worldline and 3C Payment for online payments with a bank card. The validity of the guest’s payment card is checked by Worldline and / or 3C Payment. These can refuse the payment card for various reasons: stolen card, blocked card, limit reached, incorrect code entered, etc. In case one of the listed problems occurs, the Guest will, on the one hand, have to contact his / her bank , and on the other hand have to contact 2L again to confirm his / her reservation and payment via any other means accepted by 2L. 

The payment of the stay may be part of a prepayment, at the moment of confirmation of the reservation by the Guest, when this possibility is offered by 2L. In that case, the amount will be debited immediately and includes the price of the accommodation, the residence tax, the price of the meals if they have been selected by the Guest, as well as any other additional service that the Guest would have chosen. 
In the other cases, 2L 48 hours before the planned date of arrival on the account mentioned by the Guest, a pre-authorization will be carried out. The payment is made at the latest at the time of the departure formalities of the Guest. 2L will be able to ask the Guest for a deposit upon arrival, or an authorization to debit his / her credit card, in order to guarantee the payment of the amounts that would be due. 
2L may in any case ask the Guest to submit his / her identity documents for verification and verification. 

Article 12. Hours of arrival, departure and entry for the 2L locations 
The arrival time at a 2L branch is scheduled at 15.00. On the day of departure, the Guest must leave the establishment at 11 o’clock. 

Early check in is possible on request from 9 AM and based on availability.

The extra charge is: 9 Am to 11 AM 35 euro. 11 AM to 1 PM 25 euro and from 1 PM tot 3 PM 15 euro.

Please be aware of the latest check out time is 11:00. If you want a late check out you can reply on our check out message by email from the hotel Example Hotel or call/text message to 0031 6 12866960 . For every hour there is a extra charge of 10 euro with the maximum of 30 euro and latest check out 14:00 PM.

Article 13. Force majeure 
2L can not be held responsible for the full or partial non-fulfillment of its obligations if this non-execution is due to the occurrence of an element of force majeure such as, and this list is non-exhaustive, flood, fire, storm, terrorism, strikes or at the hands of the government. 2L reserves the right to move the Guest’s reservation to another residence of the city where the reservation was originally made. 

Article 14. Animals, smokers, drugs and weapons. 
The presence of animals is not allowed. 
It is forbidden to smoke in 2L locations (including the rooms, staircases, lifts and corridors and all public places). In the event of a violation of this prohibition, a cleaning fee will be invoiced of 450 EUR (including VAT), on the understanding that a higher amount may be charged to the Guest if 2L would record greater damage (including, but not limited to, the inability to rent the room). 

Any form of prohibited substances are prohibited. And this list is non-exhaustive, soft-hard drugs, nitrous oxide, firearms, stabbing weapons and any other form of prohibited articles and goods.

Article 15. Supplements for arrival in the morning and / or late departure 
In the case of an “early check inn” between 9 am and 11 am and availability of a room, a full overnight stay will be invoiced. 
In the case of an early check inn between 11 am and 2 pm and available from a room, a supplement of EUR 60 (including VAT) is charged. 
In case of “late check out” on availability of the Chamber and unauthorized longer occupancy up to 16 hours a supplement of 60 EUR (incl VAT) is due, after 16 hours an additional night is billed. 

Article 16. Minors 
Reservations by minors (up to 18 years) are prohibited. 2L reserves the right to refuse access to the residences to any minor who is not accompanied by his legal representative and to cancel the reservation. 2L can also cancel any stay if it appears that the residence will be used by minors who are not accompanied by their legal representatives. 

Article 17. Wifi 
WiFi access is available in the 2L residences. This wifi access is for a fee and is usually provided in the overnight rate. 
The use of the Wi-Fi implies that the Guest complies with the security regulations of the Internet access provider. The Guest must refrain from any action that may damage the proper functioning of the Wi-Fi that he / she has at his or her disposal. The Guest must adhere to a Fairuse policy which means that it is not permitted to perform unlawful or prohibited actions by means of the internet signal provided by 2L such as illegal downloading or uploading of images, mining for boitcoins etc. 

2L can in no case be held liable in the event of unavailability of the internet or if there is a requirement of infringement by third parties on systems of the Guest via the (wifi) network of 2L. 

Article 18. Complaints handling 
Any complaint with regard to the non-performance or poor performance of the services by 2L must, under penalty of nullity, be sent by registered mail within 10 working days after the fact in question with a precise description of the elements charged to 2L. After this period, the complaint is considered void. 
Article 19. Exclusion of domicile choice 
Any domicile of the Guest at the postal address of the branch where he / she resides or at the address of the registered office of 2L is prohibited, unless a long-term lease has been concluded for a minimum of 30 nights with a maximum of 180 nights and provided with a rental agreement provided by 2L. Choice of domicile does not mean that the registration will be accepted by the relevant Municipal Council as Municipal registration address. 

Article 20. Protection of personal data 
When booking a stay in one of our locations, the collected data of the Guest are processed by 2L. This information is necessary to manage the Guest’s reservation and can be used to get to know the Guest better and to send him information about the products and services of 2L. 

The data of the Guest are intended for 2L, as well as for the service providers. The Guest data can be transferred to entities established outside the European Union to manage the reservations of the Guest, to follow up his file in the context of pre-contractual measures or on the basis of an authorization from the competent authority on data protection. 
2L carries out the processing of the data processing, for which it is responsible, for the purposes of commercial management of the reservations, invoicing and payment, prospecting and commercial promotion / animation, commercial statistics and satisfaction surveys. The data is intended for 2L and for its service providers, insofar as these concern them. 

In accordance with the legal provisions, the Guest has the right to access, search, rectify, oppose and delete data at 2L as well as the right to give guidelines for the processing of his data. For this the Guest must use the following address: info@2ldeblend.nl. 
The Guest declares that he has taken note of the information concerning the processing of personal data of which the Guest can also take note via the website of www.2ldeblend.nl. 

Article 21. Divisibility 
The invalidity of one of the provisions of these terms and conditions does not mean that the other provisions of the contract are invalid or null and void. 

Article 22. Applicable legislation and dispute settlement 
These general terms and conditions as well as the resulting contractual relations between the parties are exclusively governed by Dutch law. In the event of a dispute, the Utrecht District Court has jurisdiction.